Fully Accredited

Business Oriented: Build a schedule that works for your school and use our online courses to increase margins but offer more flexibility.


Tuition: Our courses have been priced to allow our partners to realize a greater margin from every enrolled student.



Whitelabel Education: From a completely whitelabel experience where we do all of the actual school functions and you run the business to providing additional services to what your school already offers, SEMG is flexible enough to lower costs and offer you a bigger bang for your buck.



Communication: All instructors are available Monday through Friday for questions from parents or students.

Services: Southlands Christian Schools Online is dedicated to learning and faith and we offer a wide range ...


Highly Qualified

Tuition: Our courses have been priced for homeschool parents by homeschool parents.

Online Only Options: All courses can be taught in a fully online classroom environment with no in-person tests required.