• Whitelabel Education: From a completely whitelabel experience where we do all of the actual school functions and you run the business to providing additional services to what your school already offers, SEMG is flexible enough to lower costs and offer you a bigger bang for your buck.
  • US Degree: Is your school unaccredited? Our services are 100% accredited and when you partner with us, your students will receive a diploma that will let them attend any college/university in the USA.
  • Shared Staffing: Looking to decrease staffing costs? With SEMG your staff can work from home and provide teaching services to other schools while decreasing their hours at your school thus lowering your school’s staffing costs.
  • CTE Curriculum: The biggest complaint about education is that it doesn't help the student find their passion. With SEMG CTE (Career & Technical Education) Curriculum, your students can take courses related to any college major that interests them which gives them a leg up in college and life.
  • SAT/ACT Prep Testing: With SEMG, you can now offer your own SAT/ACT test prep courses which will allow your school to increase it’s offering (and revenue).
  • Private Tutoring: Don’t have the personnel to provide private tutoring? SEMG has you covered. SEMG allows you to provide private tutoring to groups of any size by utilizing our teachers.